September 2014

Razorback Desk

You never know where you’ll find Razorback fans.   This custom Razorback desk was built for a U/A alumni in Houston Texas.  He wanted this desk, styled after the table, for his office.  I insured that the desk was the proper height for his chair to go under and that the drawers could be opened without interfering with his seated position.  The oak tusks legs not only symbolize the Razorback Hog, but strength as well.   As an added touch, I turned the pulls and added the Razorback symbol.
This desk can be custom designed to your specifications for your office or conference room.  Made of Walnut and Oak, it is very durable.  The contrasting colors add excitement away from desks of solid colors, however, if you would like one of one type wood, that can be done. This can also be created with your corporate logo engraved.


Oak Greeters Station

The church where I attend needed a way to place brochures and information for our guests and members. They also wanted it where someone could be behind it. I consulted with them and we came up with this Greeters / Welcome Station. At approximately 7 feet wide and 5 feet deep it has plenty of storage under the top, comfortable space for two people behind and wide tops to accommodate plenty of visitors. The rail and trim is of oak and top and body of plywood with oak veneer and finish. The side has a fold in side with a fold down top for easy entrance into the station. This can also be very useful in a corporate lobby, logos can be added to the front. Call 479-601-6480 for details.


Phone Speaker

Turned old style speaker bells with solid phone holders, make this Phone Speaker not only a practical working music speaker, but also a conversation piece. Friends and family will admire the decor and unique craftsmanship. A variety of mixed woods are used including cedar, walnut, poplar and oak. Accommodates most all cell phones up to 3.125” wide. $85