Trestle Farmhouse Dining Table

Good friends and great christians from church recently asked me to make a table for their new home.  They wanted it large enough to seat their entire family comfortably and also when entertaining church family.  They requested a country look with distressed wood with benches.  This was a fun project.
The end result was a table 10′ long with matching benches on either side.  The table is made of pine with walnut stain and coated with lacquer.  The cross leg trestle style legs are joined together for stronger support by a beam with tenon on each end secured by a turned dial pin.  This gives an a beautiful hand made look.
The wood was completely distressed by hand prior to staining.  The legs are positioned to give not only support but comfort to those sitting at each end as well as those sitting at the ends on either side, so that their legs do  not bump the table.
The table has been used, and enjoyed, many times already with personal and church family.  Order your’s today! (chairs and decor not included)