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My father taught high school vocational agriculture and shop work for 33 years. I remember, when very little, going to the shop and admiring the tools, machines and watching him work. He made many pieces of furniture among many other things. As a teenager, I began to work in the shop making things from small to large, with and without his assistance. One item in particular, a walnut entertainment center, I made with my dad when I was 16; I still use today in my living room.

I have always had a shop and worked with tools and wood all my life. I have made many pieces of furniture and even as small intricate jewelry case. I am always looking for the next custom project to create.

The past 15 years, or so, I have become more serious and honed my craft to make works of lasting quality from the assembly to the finish. Working with both the hardwoods and pine, finely finished or distressed, I've made bookcases, sofa tables, kitchen tables, tv cabinets, etc.

Located in Fayetteville, Arkansas, I gladly welcome your requests to furnish your home with quality custom furniture without the custom price.